Meet Penny Melville-Brown: Blind Baker and Holman Prizewinner HERE Penny on Radio Solent? Click Here! You can find her interview at around 52m and 45s into the show. Penny features in the Portsmouth News! Penny features on Forces Welfare TV - Radio coming soon! Hampshire’s Southern Daily Echo Really exciting that local newspaper is supporting Penny with 2 feature articles Looking for a Win Penny’s YouTube Channel up for an Award in the USA Can’t see but can cook and dream… I am competing alongside around 100 other international blind people for the inaugural Holman prize being awarded by the San Francisco ‘Lighthouse’ organisation to allow the winner to fulfil their dream. Each of us has created a short video clip – there are many excellent ideas from amazing people.  My own goal is to take the
Lighthouse For the Blind and Visually Impaired
Baking Blind You don’t have to be blind to cook but it helps!
Read Penny’s Interview with the Portsmouth News HERE Watch Penny’s story, brought to you by That’s Solent TV HERE Talking news interview for local blind people Tirimisu on BBC Radio 4 Mini Raspberry Victoria Sponges on BBC Radio Solent Kitchen Garden The Washington Post
Penny features in this article from over in the States! Click HERE to read And it’s also been translated into Spanish!
Watch Penny’s interview on BBC South here
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Great to chat with Vision Australia, you can read the article here