Frequently asked questions: At first, these can sound like really intrusive questions.  But, underneath, someone is trying to create a link with a person they don't understand using the best words they can. Q:Is it glaucoma? (usually from taxi drivers). A: No - but do you know someone with glaucoma as there's lots of help nowadays. Q: Have you been blind all your life? A: No - only for about 20 years or so and it doesn't stop me working or doing what I want to do. Q: Does everything look black when you are blind? A: No, in fact everything seems bright and light so every day seems cheerful - but I still can't tell whether the lights are on or off. Q: Don't you want a Guide Dog? A: No - I wouldn't have time to give a dog the exercise it needs and, anyway, I have very pale carpets in my house. Q: Would you want one of the new mini-camera implants to give you your sight back? A: I'm not sure that I would and, anyway, I'm not sure that I have enough optic nerve to use the signals. Q: Did you see that programme on TV last night about...? (People can get really embarrassed about using words about seeing but it doesn't matter.) A: Yes, I heard it all and it had great audio-description. Never Asked Questions: Q: What do you do? (Usually at social events: most people seem to assume that, if you can't see, you don't do anything at all!) A: I only had two days off after leaving the Navy and have worked ever since for nearly 20 years running my business helping other disabled people to work.  And I'm pretty busy in my spare time too. Q: Can I help you? (Usually in shops: if I'm a new customer, they nearly always ask the person who is guiding me - but those who keep me as a customer have learned fast!) A: I'm the one who's buying so yes please.
Baking Blind You don’t have to be blind to cook but it helps!